Stylefile Marker

Stylefile Marker Brush 12pcs Special #31 Grösse: JEDNA VELIKOST

: i597_695051_695164
33.91 EUR
47.04 EUR -28%
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The best value for money and a finely tuned color range: the new stylefile marker brush is equipped with a Chisel and a Brush tip, which makes it the perfect marker for coloring large areas. But you can also work on details thanks to the brush-like rubber tip! The stylefile marker brush is the perfect tool for urban art, graffiti, manga and comics, illustration, architecture and fashion, art and design. - Ergonomic design, good haptics - roll-stop, color and tip markings on the caps - high quality tips from the market leader - constant ink flow, saturated colors - variable line widths The stylefile marker brush 12pcs main set contains 12 fine shades that can perfectly be combined with the other sets. Also available as single markers.

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